Name: Luis Octavio Galdames Hidalgo



Celular: +56 9 9842 2703

Celular1: +56 9 8675 7112

Address: Millaray 2302, Osorno, Chile

Identity: RUT 5.760.860-9

First Profession: Accountant

Last Profession: ScrumMaster

Trayectoria Profesional: Resumen

Resume for Scrum Master starting in first assignment.

Repeatedly 100% approved test for Scrum Master in English
and also 100% in test of test for Scrum Theory in English.

I am a highly trained and dedicated Scrum Master with a strong understanding of Agile principles and practices.
I have repeatedly scored 100% in and from for Scrum Master, demonstrating my mastery in this area.

In my first assignment as Scrum Master, my main goal is to facilitate and guide my team in adopting Scrum as an Agile framework.
I will work closely with the Product Owner and team members to ensure they understand the basics of Scrum and how to apply them effectively in their daily work.

I will ensure that key Scrum meetings such as Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective are conducted effectively and efficiently.
I will be there to ensure that all team members have the opportunity to express their ideas and concerns, and to facilitate problem solving and collaborative decision making.

As Scrum Master, I will foster an agile work environment where the team has the freedom to continually experiment, learn, and improve.
I will promote transparency and open communication, and I will work to remove any obstacles that may affect the team's productivity or progress.

In addition, I will use my leadership and facilitation experience to encourage team autonomy and self-organization.
I will encourage collaboration and synergy among team members, and work to ensure that everyone is aligned on the goals and priorities of the project.

As I progress through my first assignment as a Scrum Master, I will be on the lookout for opportunities for continuous improvement.
I will use metrics and feedback to assess team performance and look for ways to optimize its efficiency and effectiveness.

In summary, as a Scrum Master with the highest score in the test and in the, I am ready to take on the challenge of leading my team to successful adoption of Scrum.
I am committed to creating an agile environment that promotes collaboration, transparency, and continuous improvement.